Understanding Google AdWords for your Beats

This is the first part of our "Google AdWords for Beats" series that will be available here for you here at SellingBeatsOnline.COM

After tweeting out to our followers what they'd like for us to cover, SBO member Julio asked for us to share our insights into Google AdWords.

Intro to AdWords

AdWords is a popular advertising platform by Google that enables you to advertise your products on the Internet specifically through Searches performed by billions of people around the world as well as on websites that are displaying AdSense which are AdWord based ads that are syndicated to websites that opt-in to have ads displayed.

Throughout your SellingBeatsOnline website pages, you'll notice ads being displayed on the right sidebar and down below in the website footer.  Those ads are specifically being displayed via AdSense in which SellingBeatsOnline gets paid for each click of an ad.  The advertiser or company that is displaying that ad then pays for that click as part of their advertising cost (paid to Google).

The great thing about AdWords is that you can reach people, in your case, artists and beat buyers, when they search for things such as "how to record vocals in Pro Tools", "how do I get my song on iTunes", "where can I find beats and instrumentals", "where to promote my album".

When any artist types in words such as those, you can strategically position yourself through AdWords to both provide them with what they are looking for and ultimately sell your beats to them, or at least showcase your beats to them.

Make Sure You Are Selling Something

One thing to keep in mind is that AdWords is a pay-per-click model in that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad so I will say to right off the jump that if you are paying for ads (they are being clicked) then you absolutely must make sure that you are at least selling something (beats, e-Book, sounds, etc) to cover that cost of the clicked ad.  Remember: You only pay when your ad is clicked on.

Furthermore, you wouldn't want to pay for a click if an artist is searching for something that you then give them for free although if you are willing to spend money to generate leads then that is a different strategy/story.

If you decided that you were going to advertise and attract clicks from a search term like "how to record vocals" and then you just simply display a YouTube video without anyway to at least capture the artists' email address to later sell them something to cover that clicked-ad cost then you're really just paying for .......

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Stay tuned for the next part of our "Google AdWords for Beats" series where we'll discuss Keywords.