Selling Beats like Apple Sell Their iPhone and iPods

I was amazed when I saw a friend show me his mini iPod player, you know the one that clips on your shirt sleeve or wherever you'd like it to clip.

It fits inside of a baby's palm.

What also amazed me is that Apple create products for different types of people, with different desires in size, functionality,price points and so on.

This (business) model should be readily applied to your Beat Store business.

For instance, Apple sells the following product-line under its Apple brand:

iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, iTV, iTunes and everything else.

Each of these products offer different price points, different functionality and features and of course respectively target a segment of their core base of Apple customers.

They are all things to all of their customers.

Be All Things To Your Beat Buyers

They provide value to their customers looking to spend only under a few hundred dollars, to customers who can afford closer to a thousand dollars and of course customers who can readily spend a couple thousand dollars, not to mention their various subscription plans.

With your Beat Store business it is important that you begin to adopt this way of developing and releasing product from your Beat Website....and not only just beats.

For instance, you can sell the following:

$5 Beats: Simple beats with verses/chorus
$25 Beats: Beats with verses/chorus/bridges
$100 Beats: Higher Quality sounding beats with verses/chorus/bridges AND a FREE e-Book on Music Recording Tips
$1500 Beats: Exclusive beats with a .......

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