News Flash #001

FaceBook (Switch To Page)
FaceBook continues to enhance its super social platform by allowing normal Profile based users create Pages and switch to and use FaceBook as their Page. Now, after you've switched to use FaceBook as Page, you'll post and share information and content as the Page as opposed to being shared from Profile name. This will also make it much easier to switch between various Beat Store based FaceBook Pages.

AdSense For Low Beat Sales
Let's be honest - having low beat sales suck. What this means is that your traffic is simply not interested in your beats for sale. If you haven't captured their email address into your Mailing List then there is no way for you to monetize that opportunity you had by being in front of that traffic. However, with an AdSense strategy in place (within your Beat Store website) you can at least have uninterested visitors to your Beat Store website click on relevant advertisments being displayed. For instance, an ad may appear for high-quality and affordable microphones or an ad that is promoting a new Music marketing e-book or better yet an ad that is promoting beats for sale. When your visitor clicks on the AdSense ads displayed within your Beat Store website, you'll get paid for the click. This is a patch-up solution for low beat sales.

Choosing Advertising Space
So what do you look for when acquiring Ad Space for your Beat Store banners and promotional display material. One of the key things to look for is where the ads are being displayed and how effective it is in relation to the bulk of the websites content. For example, most websites have a top banner, however, if the website is not a non-scrollable page, then within seconds, the ad is lost and forgotten.

Be on the lookout for ad space that is buried deep inside the websites content to the point where it would almost seem as though your ad is part of the websites content.

Sidebar location ads
These are great! Look for websites that have 500+ px height for sidebar banners so that it will at least still be visible when a visitor is interacting with the sites content.

In-Content ads
In-Content ads are also effective and by far one of the best placed ads within any website. Your Beat Store ad will be placed directly alongside (within - and part of) the content. In other words, while the visitor is viewing the content, they will certainly see your ad.

Your Beat Store Mindset

So what is your current mindset as a Beat Store Business owner.  Are you just sitting there everyday making beats with a SoundClick or dedicated Beat Store website sitting there hoping that traffic hits them and that beat sales will just magically roll in?  Are you only posting messages in forums with other Producers just asking for feedback on your beats?  Or have you taken the step forward and shifted your mindset to finally become a Beat Store Business owner. This requires a bit more than just banging out hot beats every day and posting them up with minimal marketing and promotion.  It's time that you begin to develop and foster a new mindset to become someone different who can effectively own and operate a sound business from something you love and can enjoy generating an income from.

To SoundClick or NOT To SoundClick?
SoundClick still ranks (within this industry) as the top spot for beat sellers and beat buyers to congregate and exchange in commerce. If you ask any experienced beat seller where to start selling beats, they'll more than likely mention SoundClick first. But is SoundClick still as effective as it used to be? Browse any forum or discussion today and you'll see a collection of posts in which Producers are denouncing SoundClick due to saturation and competitiveness. So what do you do?

Beat Store Diversification
One thing to always remember is that you want to diversify your Beat Store Business across the Internet. That means, having profile pages on the websites that you first believe you should be on as well as the obvious sites you should be on including the SoundClicks, FaceBooks, YouTubes, Twitters, etc.

Beat Store Centralization
To individualize and most critically brand your Beat Store Business, you'll want to have a dedicated centralized Beat Store website. Have all of your diversified Beat Store profile pages plastered with links back to your primary .COM/.NET Beat Store website where you can personalize the experience for your visitors and Beat Buyers.

Simplify Your SoundClick
By simplifying your SoundClick and have your primary Beat Store website links on it, you can easily direct your SoundClick visitors to your website. There are currently hundreds if not thousands of SoundClick pages (VIP and non) that simply bog down the browser with heavy flashy graphics and Flash. Though this form of entertaining and engaging experience is not a bad thing, most SoundClick pages have not properly optimized and enhance their pages with these heavy-media experiences so that the visitor doesnt sit there and wait for their product to load. Don't lost potential Beat Buyers to slow (SoundClick) Beat Store loading.

Are Your Beats Affiliated?
It's an interesting shift in your mindset that will eventually be normal and common throughout the industry: Affiliate Beats. Standing on the shoulders of the massive Affiliate Marketing industry, we shall also reap the benefits and opportunity of having a tribe of marketers and promoters promote and market our beats! Affiliate Marketing in Internet talk simply means that you pay an army (or just a couple) of promoters whenever they sell your beats. With the right software or service, you can have this process entirely automated to the point where you get your beat sale money into your PayPal account as you'd already be used to and your promoters would also get their Beat Sale Commission deposited into their respective PayPal accounts.

This is clearly a win-win scenario, and their existing websites that offer this amazing opportunity with more solutions and options to come. As covered throughout SellingBeatsOnline.COM - marketing is by far the most critical component to the success of your Beat Store Business. Now with a collective of promoters marketing your beats, you can at least begin to alleviate some of the stresses you may endure when having to take your beat product to market.