Beat Pricing Challenge To Sell Beats

Let's face it. The right priced beat is the beat that is sold at that price.

This is the true secret for pricing your beats for sale.

And in this case, it will require a lot of experimenting.

If you were to run an experiment testing beat prices, I can almost guarentee you that you can sell the same beat to multiple artists at different prices.

What this means is that a purchased beat at a given price IS THE RIGHT PRICE for the beat for that artist.

It's not about how you price the beat but rather how much the artist is willing to pay for that beat.

This is a major breakthrough idea in going forward with the economics of online beat selling and it is imperative that you understand this going forward.

I challenge you to take the test and experiment with setting a given beat with various prices and witness the interesting results.

One period set it to 99 cents, the next period set it to $1 then $5 then $9.95, $24.95, $49.95 and $125.

Just give it a try, observe the results and go from there.